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Where we’re at with talent and skills – and where we want to be in 2017

Image credit: Luis Llorena, vai Unspash

2016 has brought a huge amount of change – the UK voting to leave the EU; losing one prime minister and four UK party leaders; the election of outsider Donald … read more

Moving a startup from Ukraine to Newcastle: my Tech Nation Visa story


Eugene Shestopal (above, left) is the CEO of Poptop, a one-stop shop for booking suppliers and entertainment for events. He holds a Tech Nation Visa, and here explains how the … read more

Why we’ll be at London’s Silicon Milkroundabout jobs fair


It’s been a whirlwind couple of months for me working as the new head of talent and skills for Tech North. I’ve now been from Liverpool to Newcastle and back … read more

The apprenticeship levy is coming: Here’s what you need to know


Holly Thompson is Director of Future Skills Vision, a company that specialises in skills development consultancy for both business and education providers. Here she explains how the apprenticeship levy will affect … read more

Applying for a Tech Nation Visa? You need to know about these changes

Tech Nation Visa

The Tech Nation Visa remains in high demand. Since the beginning of April 2016 we have received more than 170 applications, more than 110 of which have been endorsed. Less than … read more

Leeds Digital Jobs Fair fuels the city’s growing tech sector


One part of a healthy tech ecosystem that is often not considered is a good recruitment event. Leeds now has its own in the form of the Leeds Digital Job … read more

Why I’m back up north leading talent and skills for Tech North


So. I’ve been a tech journalist in London for the past five years – entirely by accident. Honestly, I thought I wanted to be a political journalist, maybe one day … read more

Growing the North of England’s pool of tech talent / Andrew Lawson

Talent and Skills

Over the past five years, the UK’s tech industry has been booming, primarily because mobile and cloud-based technologies now power nearly everything we do. This is great news, not just … read more

Talent & Skills Case Study: Accenture Apprenticeships

Accenture apprenticeships

The first in a series of case studies highlighting some of the innovative approaches to tackling the digital talent and skills challenge, here’s Karen Marshall, giving an overview of the Accenture … read more

What are people saying at today’s Tech North Talent & Skills Summit in Leeds?

Rachel Peacock, DevAcademy

It’s been a jam-packed event so far today at the Tech North Talent & Skills Summit in Leeds. Here’s a selection of vox pops and video interviews with some of the … read more



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    • In Oldham, Hack Oldham have opened a pop-up showcase in Tommyfield Market, where you can play musical bananas among other things. Maker culture on the high street - open every Saturday.
    • Full house for the final Founders' Network event in this series. #startup #entrepreneur #tech #technology #northerntech #digital #business
    • Massive welcome to Jazz Hanley, our new Community Engagement Manager for the North West. #technology #northern #business #startup #entrepreneur #community #northerntech
    • We're looking for the fastest growing tech companies in the North to enter our Northern Tech 100 League Table. Sound like you? Enter here - http://northerntechawards.com/enter-2017/ #tech #technology #entrepreneur #startup #business #northern #northerntech100
    • Probably not the best interviewee for testing out our new Tech North mic. 
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    • Even the llama is moving North. 
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