We are Tech North

Public speaking and media training for the next generation of Northern tech leaders

We know there are lots of awesome people working in the tech sector in the North but some voices are absent from panels and media slots in the region and beyond.

That’s why we’re launching Northern Voices. Through the new programme, we want to attract more people to work in the Northern tech sector, to grow the talent pool, in order to:

  • Make hiring easier for large and small companies
  • Stop salaries from spiralling beyond companies’ means
  • Ensure companies have staff that represent their customers

The first Northern Voices training course is a six-month programme designed specifically for women, and non-binary people who do not identify as men, to address the gender imbalance at conferences and in media appearances, in turn making digital jobs a more attractive career for all.

What's involved?

“Sandy “Penny

As part of the programme, Sandy Lindsay MBE of Tangerine PR and former BBC business broadcaster Penny Haslam, an award winning keynote speaker, media trainer and visibility coach, will deliver free media and public speaker training for 20 women with limited public exposure from across the North.

We will then spend six months booking them for on-stage appearances and in the media talking about anything from their expertise to their experiences getting a job in the industry.

If you know any women who should be sharing their stories with younger women, their peers, the UK business community – perhaps, even, the rest of the world – get them to apply here by Wednesday 8th February.

What's next?

Applicants to the programme must ensure they’re available at the most convenient venue on one of the following dates:

  • Leeds – 2 March 2017
  • Newcastle – 3 March 2017
  • Manchester – 6 March 2017

We welcome applications from groups that are particularly underrepresented in UK tech, including ethnic minority and disabled applicants, those who have experienced socio-economic disadvantage and people who identify as LGBTIQ.

We need you to be up for a challenge as we know it’s not always easy to put yourself forward to speak when you might not feel like you’re doing anything special – we’re doing this so that more people see the North is a great place to work in tech. We’ll give you all the tools and support you need and we’re confident that not only you but your organisation will benefit.