Meet the Boomerangs

People returning to the North of England for top tech jobs.

With the North of England transforming into a tech powerhouse, we take a look at the people who have left London to return to the North to take on great tech roles in the region.

Our latest video series explores why they returned to the North and how their careers have developed since doing so.

Episode 1: Meet Josh Glover, Lead UI Designer for Barclays’ mobile app. He works at the bank’s campus in Knutsford, Cheshire. Find out why he returned to the North.

Episode 2: Meet Laura Barnwell, Digital Marketing Manager at Topsify, part of Warner Music Group. Discover why she returned to the North East to work for one of the most exciting parts of the music industry.

Episode 3: Meet Adam Pawson, Strategic Consultant at Bloom, an award-winning digital agency in Leeds. He started his career in London’s agency land. Find out what he thinks of Leeds’ agency scene.

Episode 4: Meet Sam Phillips, CTO of property-focused tech startup He returned from London to find Manchester a much more accommodating city for startups than when he left.