Startup founders: this could be the most useful breakfast you ever attend

28 Sep, 2017

What a month it has been. Not only have we got back into the swing of things and relaunched our Founders’ Network 2.0 programme with great success, but we’ve made it bigger and better than ever before. We now have over 270 members and a thriving community in our Facebook group.

September was also the first month of our Founders’ Breakfast series, which took place across several cities in the North. Initially we started out by providing the topics, but after getting lots of feedback from members, we have decided to mix it up a bit.

So even though you’ll still be getting fed and watered and have the opportunity to meet and get to know other tech entrepreneurs in your community, we’ll no longer be choosing the topics to be discussed.

What’s your biggest challenge right now?

What we need you to do is come to the breakfast with your biggest challenge right now. What is the thing that is holding your business back? What is keeping you awake at night? What problem do you have that others could solve, either through experience or originality?

Founders’ Network breakfast
A recent Founders’ Network breakfast event in Leeds

So after spending the first fifteen minutes or so getting to know each other and, of course, having breakfast, we’ll go around the group and formally introduce ourselves and what our current biggest challenge is.

Some of you may be suffering from a similar problem such as attracting the right talent, marketing on a shoestring or the best types of finance for startups. We’ll be able to work together as a team to come up with possible solutions to your problem. The idea behind our breakfasts, is that you walk away with a list of actions to take to drive your business forward.

Previous breakfasts have seen connections made, business opportunities seized and over 50 sandwiches eaten as well as over 85 percent of attendees saying they will recommend our breakfasts to a fellow founder.

We’ve also reduced the size of our groups so you’ll be able to get to know everyone who attends and make great connections. Our spaces are now limited to 10 members per breakfast and are already filling up fast.

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So if you would like to attend your City’s next breakfast, sign up on Eventbrite today.

Hull, 3 October 2017. Sign up

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Manchester, 10 October 2017. Sign up

Sheffield, 11 October 2017. Sign up

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