Simetric Telecom lets your office phones work in harmony with your team’s mobiles

21 Jul, 2016

Recently my landline at home started making a buzzing noise, so I called in an engineer to take a look. He said it had been a problem at the local exchange for weeks but because nobody uses landlines anymore I was the first person to report it.

The moral of this story? Landlines are boring, unloved and pretty much everyone uses mobile phones instead.

This shift to mobile can be a problem for businesses, where everyone often has a desk phone that works a fixed, limited way. Employees can’t work interchangeably between their mobile and desk phones. The voicemail isn’t the same on both and if you want to transfer that call from a hot new business prospect on your smartphone over to the sales team, well, forget it.

Smarter phones

That’s where Simetric Telecom comes in. Based in Leeds and founded by veterans of legendary local ISP Freeserve, this company provides a SIM card that allows your team’s mobile phones to work perfectly with your office’s phone system.

Easy transfers, call recording, ‘hunt groups’ that call multiple lines in sequence until someone picks up… Features like this are standard in offices but Simetric’s tech means they can work on mobiles too.

Simetric white-labels its service for small telecoms companies and resellers. Once set up, the whole system can be managed from a web-based interface that lets customers configure what features are available. They can even port numbers from other phone networks over to Simetric-powered SIMs.

A growing market

There’s competition in this field, most notably from Vodafone’s One Net and One Net Express services.Vodafone’s system uses different technology for a similar result. Simwood is a wholesale telephony provider that overlaps with Simetric on some of its offering.

Still, as a three-year-old startup, Simetric is doing well. Initially bootstrapped with a war chest of cash built up from the founders’ consulting work, they’ve taken on a round of debt finance to to boost their growth and now plan to raise an equity-based round to fuel further growth.

While Simetric co-founder and director Gavin Sweet won’t go into detail about exactly how successful the company is, he says they’re growing, with “real revenues and real customers.”

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