Small talk: Leeds-based Clubit collaborates on ‘the smallest phone in the world’

14 Dec, 2017

In recent years, smartphones have featured increasingly sizeable displays as people aim to stay productive and entertained on the go.

In a move that defies convention, Leeds-based toy and gadget retailer Clubit has teamed up with Bradford-born mobile phone manufacturer Zanco to launch what is being claimed as the “world’s smallest phone” on Kickstarter.

Called the Zanco tiny t1, it measures just 46.7mm in length with a 0.49-inch screen, making it more compact than a packet of chewing gum.

Those behind the launch highlight the tiny t1’s potential as a backup or emergency phone due to its ability to slip into a wallet, pocket or bag.

While it may not sport the bells and whistles of today’s flagships like the iPhone X or Galaxy Note 8, the pinkie-sized phone can store up to 300 phone numbers, 50 SMS messages and keep a call record of 50 in/out calls.

Small, yet mighty

Zanco and Clubit claim that the tiny t1’s battery can last for up to three days before giving up the ghost, with three hours of talk time between charges. It takes a Nano-SIM and can be charged using a micro-USB cable.

The Zanco tiny t1 launches on Kickstarter on Thursday December 14, with a limited number of early bird-priced handsets available.

Check out our hands-on pictures of the Zanco tiny t1 in the gallery below.

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  1. Great idea but why soooooooo small? Surely the keys need to be pushed with something pointy and the screen must be almost unreadable? Great work and I’m looking forward to the credit card sized version 🙂

    1. The size is the USP 🙂 There are slightly larger phones on the market, but for me any larger and you may as well take your regular phone out. Buttons are easy to press with a finger and the screen is adequate for selecting contacts and creating short texts.