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22 Jun, 2016

Founders’ Network is a programme that has been designed specifically for tech startup founders in the North of England. Its purpose is threefold: provide access to top quality learning to help you move your business forward; bring entrepreneurs together to share challenges, and hear ‘warts-and-all’ stories from founders about their journey towards scaling and/or exiting.

Starting a company is hard work. No sooner have you cracked one problem, you’re faced with 10 more. That could be how to find and recruit someone, how to make the first steps towards a raise, or how to find customers who want to pay you money for your solution.

There are tons of resources out there online, but finding the time to read that new blog post by Paul Graham or watch the Sam Altman series on YouTube can be nigh on impossible. Plus, nothing beats face-to-face learning and sharing, where you can actually ask people who have been there exactly how they solved that issue you’re wrestling with.

Masterclasses built for founders

As part of Founders’ Network you have exactly that opportunity: to be learn from world-class experts in their field, and ask them the questions that are keeping you up at night. We’re delighted that our Founders’ Network masterclasses are designed and led by Rob Fitzpatrick and Devin Hunt (Founder Centric), Sean Sankey and Matt Johnson (Form), and Emma Cheshire (Dotforge Accelerator). We are lining up panellists from the best legal and investment firms who will come and share their knowledge, and be on hand to answer all your questions. And we will be inviting successful Northern founders to share “behind-the-scenes” stories about how they built their businesses.

founders network 2

More often than not, founders work in isolation, with only a handful of people to bounce ideas off. It can be difficult explaining to friends and family with ‘normal’ jobs what it is that you actually do, let alone approach them for advice.

By a conservative estimate, this week alone in London there are over 20 free events aimed at startup founders, covering a range of topics from internet marketing to business modelling, from IP protection to growth hacking, and not forgetting good old fashioned networking. But if you’re an entrepreneur in the North of England, it can be hard to find a support network of people ‘like you’ who are building a tech business, let alone have such a variety of events to choose from to help you access the learning you need.

Valuable insights and universal truths

By becoming part of Founders’ Network, every month you will have the opportunity to meet fellow founders to talk openly about whatever challenge it is that you’re working on. Founders’ Network is a ‘safe’ environment – there is no pitching or selling allowed at our events. We are only semi-joking when we say that you can only talk about your business if you’re prepared to talk about what’s wrong with it!

Founders Network 3

There are no shortcuts in starting a business, but there are a number of universal key truths that can move your business forward in a quick and noticeable way, and it cannot be underestimated how valuable it is to share with others on the same path. You’ll still need to put in the hard work, but at least you’ll know you’re heading in the right direction, with the right toolkit to help you out, and the right people around you to offer support.

You don’t need to have raised investment to become a member of Founders’ Network, nor is there a minimum requirement for annual turnover or size of company. What we do ask for though is that you are building a tech product or service, that you have some evidence of traction, and that you are actively building your business in the North of England.

If that sounds like you, apply here. The programme kicks off in the last week of July.

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