6 short videos about the future of education

30 Jun, 2017

At our Digital Jobs Agenda Summit earlier this year in Leeds, we chewed over exactly how to address the North’s digital skills shortage. We thought it would be good to share with you the six ‘lightning talks’ from the event.

We invited innovative thinkers and doers from the world of tech education to share what they’re up to. From teaching prisoners to code to giving graduates a fresh take on career development, there’s heaps of inspiration here.

I introduced the lightning talks, and to keep them to time I decided I’d shout a random word once they hit the strict 3-minute limit. So if you hear someone shout a word like “EPIDEMIOLOGY!” or “SEMIOTICS!” from offstage, that was me. Sorry.

Geek Talent: The school curriculum

Lightning Talk – Geek Talent

Solutionpath: Changing university outcomes

Lightning Talk – Solution Path

Entry Level Boss: The changing career path

Lightning Talk – Entry Level Boss

Founders & Coders: Going international

Lightning Talk – Founders & Coders

North Coders: Bootcamps at home

Lightning Talk – North Coders

Code 4000: Reskilling prisoners

Lightning Talk – HMP Humber & Code 4000


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