Meet the founder who revved up her business in Google’s Garage

5 Sep, 2017

There’s probably nothing quite like being headhunted by Google – the company is believed to receive more than 1 million CVs every year – and it was just the validation Becky Boyd needed for her Leeds-based Social Media Manager business, even if it “took time to sink in”.

Tech North Northern Voices participant Boyd was the first ever Google Digital Garage trainer in the world, sought out by the web giant to lead its mission to get 200,000 SMEs from across the UK up to speed on all things digital.

But just months before, she’d suffered her third redundancy since graduating from university, bringing on the depression that nearly cost her her home.

“It was more of a push into entrepreneurship than anything,” Boyd explains. “I’d had two marketing jobs at different bookstores in Leicester, but I’d kept getting made redundant.

“Well, I can’t sack myself,” she laughs as she explains her thought process. “And this means I can just do the bits of the job that I like doing – social media and digital marketing.”

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The Importance of a Social Media Expert

One only has to recall that ‘covfefe’ tweet from Donald Trump earlier this year, or the president’s 140-character interventions around the escalating military situation in North Korea, to appreciate that social media can still cause embarrassment, and even be dangerous, in the wrong hands.

And Boyd knows that means there’s still a huge market for expertise like hers.

“Most businesses still don’t have a strategy. They still see social media as an add-on to rest of their digital marketing.

“If they’re a large businesses, they might have a crisis strategy, like ‘if someone starts trolling us, we’ll block them’, but that is not a plan for dealing with an upset customer.”

Boyd has sat down with hundreds of companies in her role with Google and is representing Northern Voices at Birmingham’s Autumn Fair this week, sharing her expertise with retailers from across the UK.

Her tips sound simple: “Work out what you want to achieve. Don’t measure your success by the number of followers you have. Grow as much as you can organically.”

But there’s a reason Google’s still working with Boyd to reach the UK’s large SME community after more than two years – it’s simple advice many companies still aren’t willing or able to take.

She now works with the likes of coding bootcamp North Coders and York’s Wrapped Agency, behind the scenes ensuring these companies speak to their customers where they are most comfortable.

It’s not necessarily about having an intern Snapchatting and Instagramming all day long, she assures us.

“There are really successful businesses that just have a Facebook page. Often it’s also just about using the tools that will help you save time.”

Book Becky to speak at your event

As well as being an expert on all things social media, Becky is also available to speak about business and mental health. You can see more about Becky on her profile page, or book her for a public speaking slot or media appearance today.

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