Code Club Teacher Training programme

15 Jan, 2016

Since 2012, Code Club has developed a strong and growing network of volunteer-led after-school clubs across the UK as well as abroad. Their ambition is to offer the opportunity for all children to learn to code and become digital makers, through after school clubs and teacher training sessions.

The computing curriculum came into effect in England in September 2014, and teachers are now expected to teach computer science to children from ages 5 – 11 years old. However, many teachers feel they have not had sufficient programming experience or training. Code Club’s goal is to train teachers, so that they feel confident and excited about delivering the new computing curriculum. Informed and inspiring teachers help develop great students who have computational thinking skills and have a thorough understanding of how technology works.

The nationwide Code Club volunteer-led network has been funded by Google to train 200 teachers in the Manchester area over the next few months, which is fantastic news! They are now recruiting volunteers who understand and care about computer science, and who want to share their knowledge. These volunteers will be trained in a one day workshop, and then they go into local schools and train teachers who request help with the new Computing curriculum.

Please see the attached Code Club Teacher Training programme flyer:

More information on the Code Club website: