Tech North Visa Surgery Sessions

1 Dec, 2015
When we talked with small companies about the Tier 2 Skilled Visa review, and more recently told them about the new Tech Nation Visa Scheme, their most common concern was the ability to access legal advice without worrying about about escalating costs.
Tech North Visa Surgery Sessions

In response, Tech North will trial free ‘Visa Surgeries’ in Newcastle, Sheffield and Manchester – as a means to offer an initial amount of free support, which can help applicants understand if this route is for them, and help them to get their application off on the right foot.  

The 30 minute ‘Office Hours’ style sessions will be open to members of the North’s digital tech community, and those looking to relocate to the Northern cities and surrounding areas. There will be potential to Skype in for a consultation if you are enquiring from overseas.

Advice will be focussed on the new Tech Nation Visa Scheme – whether it is the right option for you, or your potential new hires. The Scheme might also be of interest to those reaching the end of a graduate entrepreneur visa. 
The Tech Nation Visa Scheme is a 2 stage process that aims to allow people with high level skills in enterprise or technology, to develop their careers and companies in the UK.  People who can demonstrate ‘Exceptional Talent’ in digital business, or are recommended to have the ‘potential’ to become world leaders, can apply to have their Visa application endorsed by Tech City UK.  For the first time, the Home Office will also be able to receive applications from startup teams who want to move together.
You can read more about the new scheme here.
Before booking your Visa Surgery session, please read the scheme guidance notes, application form.