Will changes to the ‘Skilled Visa’ system impact your Talent options?

11 Sep, 2015

Building the right team is crucial for high-growth companies, and Tech North want to ensure that the voice of the North is heard in the current consultation on the Tier 2 visa system.

The Tier 2 route is now under review “to address concerns about the rising number of migrants in that route and reliance on them to fill shortages”, and the deadline for responses is 25th September.

Tier 2 Visas for new skilled workers from outside Europe are increasingly a scarce resource and need to be prioritised. The current review, published on the website, is an opportunity for you to help shape those priorities to better reflect the needs of your business. As Digital companies will compete for visa allocations against other sectors such as Construction or Finance, the MAC needs each sector to make it’s own case so that advice to the Home Office can be balanced and based on evidence.

At a recent MAC roundtable session hosted by Tech City, top tech HR specialists were explaining why these Visas are essential to their growth plans. There were a range of skills needed by those companies, some needed individuals who combine excellent technical skills with foreign languages, others wanted to recruit the experience of digital leaders who have really scaled a tech company. By introducing such talent we can grow our companies and can learn, exchange knowledge, and increase the chances of building even more really successful digital businesses in the UK.

So those Tech companies who want to attract the brightest and best talent from around the world should make their case to the MAC and the Home Office now, or risk losing the opportunity in future. There are a number of ways for business to feed in.

The MAC consultation is set out on the UK Government website. You can respond to their structured questions or just email them with details of the international Talent you need to attract and reasons why you cant source from Europe – examples of job descriptions will be useful to support your case.

If you’d prefer to complete a survey online, and present your voice along with other digital businesses, Coadec – the Coalition for a Digital Economy – have prepared a form for you to complete.

Whilst Tech North’s priority is help grow an indigenous talent pipeline, in the short term some skills are likely to be scarce in our labour market. Further, we believe that global innovation and inspiration should be accessible to our region if our companies are to become global success stories.

So, please get in touch if these issues matter to you, and don’t miss this deadline of 25th September to let Government know about the specific skills that could help your business grow.