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22 Jan, 2016

Finally! A programme that has been created exclusively for serious and ambitious tech startup founders from the North of England to meet one another, share knowledge, celebrate successes, and work through common challenges.
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Come and join us at the first Founders’ Network event, on Monday 1st February, at the brand new C4DI building in Hull. The event will be structured in two halves, and you’re welcome to come to all or part of it. Dinner and drinks will be provided, and there’ll be plenty of time to meet other founders in the room.
Tech North Founders’ Network has been specially designed to fulfil three objectives based on specific gaps in the tech ecosystem in the North of England. Founders’ Network will provide:

1. Meetups for serious startup founders in the North to network and support each other on similar challenges.
2. Opportunities to hear from and be inspired by successful founders.
3. Access to learning to enable ambitious startup founders to scale.
Working in partnership with Rob Fitzpatrick and Devin Hunt at Founder Centric, Founders’ Network will connect startup founders from across the North of England, bringing together individuals within their local communities, and connecting the different ecosystems across the region. Founder Centric will deliver exclusive learning that address the unique challenges faced by startup founders. We will also be inviting successful startup and scaleup founders to come to the North and share their founder stories.
Come and join us at the first Founders’ Network event, on Monday 1st February, at the brand new C4DI building in Hull. We will hear “BS-free” founder stories from Devin (co-founder of and Alexandra Depledge (co-founder of We’ll be digging deep to get to the BS-free stories behind scaling a tech business, without any of the usual PR spin.
This will also be an opportunity to take part in two short masterclasses designed and delivered by Rob and Devin. Get the inside scoop on raising investment (no matter what stage) from Rob and Devin, both of whom have ‘been there and done that’ more times than most. This masterclass will also cover how to best use advisory boards, and how to watch out for sneaky legal terms from bad investors. The second masterclass on sales and partnerships is will help you avoid common sales mistakes, as well as give you confidence to negotiate a tricky partnership.
To keep the quality high, and to ensure that the events are valuable and useful for everyone, Founders’ Network is strictly only open to serious tech startup founders who are building a product or service from scratch.
We believe that if startup founders are able to surround themselves with others on a similar journey, there is huge potential for peer-to-peer learning and mutual support, and also for founders to come away inspired and motivated.
Tech North Founders’ Network is on a mission to change the tech landscape for the better in the North of England. Come and be part of it. Sign up for Founders’ Network here.
Bios of facilitators and speakers:

Devin Hunt is a designer, entrepreneur and educator who has founded two tech companies; the most recent being Lyst, one of Europe’s top startups. He is a YCombinator alum and has previously created award-winning products for a variety of brands including Vice Magazine, Disney Imagineering, and BERG.

Rob Fitzpatrick has successfully bankrupted three tech companies, is a YCombinator alum, has built products used globally by brands like MTV & Sony, and has raised funding in the US & UK. He is author of The Mom Test, a handbook on how to learn from customers when everyone is lying to you. He blogs at

Alexandra Depledge is the founder of, the online marketplace that matches busy working professionals with local trusted cleaners. After launching in 2013, in just over a year Alex had raised $6m in Series A funding and expanded the firm’s operations from its UK base to France and the Republic of Ireland. Originally hailing from the North of England, Alex has vast education and work experience from both sides of the Atlantic. After studying at the University of Nottingham and the University of Chicago, Alex launched her career in American politics, working on the campaign trail of a major US politician. In 2014 TechCity Insider named Alex ‘Entrepreneur of the Year’, and her forthright views has seen her become a trusted source for commentary on the future of the sharing economy, women in tech, VC funding and the UK startup sector.

Founders’ Network in Hull!