It’s 2016: Why is this new tech publication putting print first?

10 Jun, 2016

Last week saw the launch of BusinessCloud, a new publication aimed at explaining the fast-moving technology world to the wider UK business community. A worthy goal, but in a move out of step with much of the publishing industry, this new title is primarily a print product.

Yes, even in an age when a national newspaper can launch to great fanfare and close nine weeks later, there’s life in print yet, especially when it comes to the B2B market. Companies still want physical magazines, according to Chris Maguire, BusinessCloud’s editor.

Although BusinessCloud has a website that features some of the articles from the monthly magazine, don’t expect daily updates and breaking news about the tech scene. “We’re not competing with TechCrunch at the moment,” says Maguire.

BusinessCloud’s first issue features a ‘tech rich list’ of the wealthiest technology entrepreneurs in the UK, profiles of startups, and looks at trends like the Internet of Things and how technology is transforming healthcare.

Insider BusinessCloud magazine

While BusinessCloud is a new publication from a new media startup, it’s got considerable resources at its disposal. The company is based at the swish Manchester headquarters of hosting firm UK Fast, and backed by its CEO Lawrence Jones in a joint venture with Maguire.

This relationship means that the publication can draw on UK Fast for support. BusinessCloud can use UK Fast’s video team, marketing team and events space, for example. That space will no doubt be important, as events will be a key revenue stream for BusinessCloud. The company already has a busy calendar, although it won’t be charging a ticket price for all of them initially. Its upcoming Trailblazers conference, exploring innovation in the legal sector, is free to attend for example.

As Maguire isn’t scared by those who say that print, and indeed the publishing sector as a whole, are dying. “If you produce great content you’ll always have a market for it,” he says.

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