Fast-growing tech company? Here’s why you should enter the Northern Tech 100 League Table

7 Feb, 2018

The Northern Tech 100 League Table is back – so if your company has been enjoying rapid growth in the last few years, don’t delay in pointing your mouse at that ‘Enter’ button. It takes just a few minutes to apply – and you have until 28 February 2018.

Launched last year in partnership with GP Bullhound to celebrate the North’s biggest success stories, the table ranks the top 100 fastest-growing tech companies in the region, with rankings based on revenue growth over the past three years.

The printed publication (which is also available online) featured an eclectic mix of businesses, and you can find out more what the final standings said about Northern tech here.

The question is: what could appearing on the table potentially do for your business? From opening up investment leads to providing a PR boost, the businesses we asked gave us a range of answers – and you can read them in full below.

The Car Buying Group (Wakefield, #1)

“It was fantastic for us to be named as Tech North’s fastest-growing tech business in the North in 2017. As a young tech company, it was brilliant to be recognised as being a strong credible business experiencing fast growth, especially among a whole host of other innovative tech businesses across the North. On a personal level too, to have the dedication and work we’d put in building The Car Buying Group celebrated was a really good feeling.

“Being named as number one last year has raised the awareness and credibility of our business in the industry and across the wider technology scene in the UK. It’s opened a lot of doors in terms of businesses wanting to work with us, and the increased exposure has helped us find new channels to do business.”

“It has been a fantastic source of profile-building PR and has led to us winning a number of new clients across a range of sectors.”

– Martin Port, CEO and founder, BigChange Apps (Leeds, #12)

Sonocent (Leeds, #93)

“Being on the Tech North Northern Tech 100 list has improved our brand recognition and has helped our visibility as a company. Since it was published we have had numerous investment funds get in touch to introduce themselves, and it is something that is occasionally raised by candidates at interview.”

The Floow (Sheffield, #32)

“Being named on the Northern Tech 100 League Table has been great recognition for the team at The Floow. It marks us out among a set of exciting technology leaders in the region, and has helped us to position ourselves with visibility in a way that allows us to attract strong talent into the company.”

AccessPay (Manchester, #8)

“AccessPay were delighted to be ranked in 8th place in the 2017 Tech North 100 League Table. It was great recognition for all the hard work and dedication that has gone into building the business to where it is today. Being ranked so highly in the league table gave us some great press exposure and supported our efforts to recruit the right talent into our business.”

“Being listed on the Northern Tech 100 League Table gave us a huge PR boost and added credibility to our presentations. We even received letters from EU embassies encouraging us to set up offices across Europe after Brexit. The awards night itself was a great event and I met many interesting people on the night from all sorts of tech backgrounds.”

– Dario Grandich, Director, Parallax (Leeds, #49)

Zerolight (Newcastle, #9)

“Giving us media exposure while enabling us to demonstrate to our team the incredible impact of their hard work, our recognition in last year’s Northern Tech 100 has brought many benefits to ZeroLight. The biggest impact of such an event, though, is felt across the wider tech community. Documenting the outstanding performance of firms from all around the North not only serves as inspiration for the many aspirational start-ups flourishing in our community, but it also helps attract top talent to our region.”

Hedgehog Lab (Newcastle, #10)

“Being featured in the Northern Tech League Table 100 was immensely useful for us as it validated our stellar growth to existing and new customers. It also help in brand recognition and led to our £1m private equity funding round.”

BigChange Apps (Leeds, #12)

“Being part of the Northern Tech 100 has been of tremendous value to BigChange. As a fast-growing technology business, it has been a fantastic source of profile-building PR and has led to us winning a number of new clients across a range of sectors. It has been a valuable forum for networking and I’m sure we’ll continue to reap the benefits. We wish all the best to those applying this year.”

“We saw more inbound interest from investors and invitations to visit 10 Downing St. to talk about challenges and policy around tech.”

– Jon Williamson & Paul Beech, Co-founders, Pimoroni (Sheffield, #14)

Pimoroni (Sheffield, #14)

“Appearing on the inaugural league table provided a real boost to our visibility. We saw more inbound interest from investors and invitations to visit 10 Downing St to talk about challenges and policy around tech. It’s definitely overdue that the UK tech scene has this kind of representation in the North.”

RRadar (Hull, #19)

“We were delighted to be ranked 19th last year. Since then, we’ve seen a huge jump in the amount of interest in our digital technology business solutions and what we’re doing at our innovative new HQ in Hull.  The ranking has greatly assisted in our expanding conversations with a wide range of entrepreneurs and tech leaders and has supported several tenders, presentations, advertorials and other award wins.  It’s a valuable networking resource and gave us a boost in our PR and communications to help change the way that the world sees lawyers.”

“Since the list was published I have had numerous investment funds get in touch to introduce themselves and it is something that is occasionally raised by candidates at interview.”

– Dave Tucker, CEO, Sonocent (Leeds, #49)

Shield Safety Group (Manchester, #30)

“To be ranked 30th on the inaugural Northern Tech 100 League Table was a real accolade for Shield Safety Group last year. Not only did it cement our position as a leading technology provider of food, fire and health & safety software-as-a-service (SaaS), it also reflected the rapid growth that the business has experienced – which was a tremendous reward for the team’s hard work. Not only that, it has helped us continue our growth this year.”

Engage Interactive (Leeds, #37)

“Making it onto the table certainly feels like it’s given our business a boost. Internally, and most importantly, it’s great for our team to feel that they’re working in a company that’s headed in the right direction, and for potential clients it gives us an added layer of credibility that can sometimes make all the difference in a closely fought pitch.”

Delete Agency (Leeds, #95)

“We were delighted to feature in the ranking last year. Given the astonishing and innovative work coming from digital agencies throughout the North, rankings like these underline the talent, and creative thinking which powering success throughout the region.”

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