Northern Digital Jobs Strategy – make your opinion count

26 Apr, 2017

Make your opinion count

As part of the Digital Jobs Action Summit, we want to create a Northern Digital Jobs Strategy to help us tackle our digital skills challenges, whether at a personal, local, regional or national level.

We’ve worked with CLES and IPPR North to analyse the relevant data and come up with some key areas for consideration, which Happen CIC will help us work on at the event.

Which do you think will have the biggest impact? Vote on our poll below to have your view counted. And leave any comments in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

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  1. Sorry but I’m not sure the vote was quite clear, in that you could only choose one option! And I’m also absolutely positive that one option alone won’t solve the problem – it needs to be a combination of pretty much everything you’ve listed above, plus other ideas and initiatives, many of which are already happening and just need people to get behind them.

    1. Hi Sandy,

      We won’t be focusing on a singular initiative, we’ll make sure a combination of the best options are put forward to ensure we create an effective strategy for government. The poll was simply to get an indication of which initiatives our respondents think would have the biggest impact.



  2. Sandy is absolutely right – no one thing will fix the issue – and there are already many initiatives which just need a unified approach. Appreciate Will’s comments to clarify. I’m not sure we’ve yet fully grasped the opportunities presented by the changes to apprenticeships which will seriously help us going forward if we get our strategy together.

  3. We need a clear statement of the problem, and then consideration of the potential solutions to each of these problems. The problems as I see there are:
    1) lack of understanding of what is meant by “digital” and “digital skills”
    2) real or perceived lack of digital skills in the market from the persective of employers
    3) lack of understanding within organisations about what digital skills they will need both now and in the future to remain competitive and innovative
    4) lack of jobs or opportunities for those with digital skills in the North, potentially related to the next two questions:
    5) do employers know what digital skills they need and where to find them, and
    6) are those with digital skills looking outside of the “tech box” for employment opportunities?