Meet Nadina Osmani: the woman behind our camera

13 Oct, 2017

In this regular series we introduce you to members of the Tech North team, and let them tell you more about their roles and their views about tech in the North of England.

This week we hear from our Multimedia Content Producer, Nadina Osmani.

Tell us about your role at Tech North

I feel really lucky to have my job because I get to spend all my time doing things I really enjoy! To put it into simple tasks; I create and oversee video work, I do most of our graphic design, I write the odd blog post, and try to support the content team as much as I can in general.

Basically, if you see a picture or a video coming out from Tech North, I’m probably involved somewhere along the line…

We upload to our YouTube channel and our video library quite often, so it’s definitely worth checking out. Feel free to leave us a comment so we know what kind of stuff you like and want to see more of!

We’re doing a lot of social videos on Twitter at the moment too, especially around Northern Stars. For me, telling stories is really important but so is making those stories accessible to a lot of people, which is why I love social videos; you can get a message out to thousands of people who it might resonate with, and they might want to share it too!

What’s your background and what attracted you to Tech North?

I guess I don’t really come from a tech background, but I was raised in a very techy  household! And I think I was probably in that first generation of people who grew up on the internet.

I always did well in school, but I was always doodling alongside whatever schoolwork I was supposed to be doing all the way up through uni. I ended up studying English Language, Linguistics and Creative Writing.

Afterwards I kind of went, ‘to heck with sensible!’ I just did what I wanted to do instead. I went on and studied a masters in Fashion Media Production at LCF, which was a really fun, hands on course where you were basically a one-person digital creative agency.

That’s when I realised that this is what ‘jobs of the future’ were going to be like – and I was damned if I wasn’t gonna get mine.

My masters was in London, and I couldn’t afford to keep living there afterwards so I moved back home thinking ‘surely I can make films about the North.” As much as I love London, I was just sure that it couldn’t be the only place in the country where cool things where happening, and ’things are happening in the North and you will definitely want to know about it’ is kind of what underlines all the work at Tech North, so I felt naturally aligned with that mission and passionate about it.

Before this job, I worked in marketing at a couple of companies in Liverpool, climbing my way up to the kind of job I do now.

What’s the most surprising thing you’ve learned about tech in the North since you joined Tech North

On the job I get to meet and speak to lot of really interesting people, and it’s always really surprising to see the great things that these really small companies of one or two folks with a dream have achieved. You know, there’s companies in Liverpool or Sheffield that are like 10 people and they’re doing work with Microsoft, or with Google, or they’ve got national campaigns, or they’ve got investment from China.

When I was going through school you got told like maybe you can be a teacher, lawyer, doctor etc. I didn’t imagine I’d be meeting and working with Data Scientists or UX Designers, I just had no awareness of these kinds of things.

Even my own job, if you told teenage me this is what I’d be doing I’d be like “what?? That’s a thing you can do? In Liverpool?”

What’s the most rewarding part of your job?

I think it’s publishing things and getting things out. It makes me happy when people watch our stuff and comment or share it, or when one of our articles has an image or an infographic I made on it that people share.

Before we moved to using Javascript graphs for the Investment Index, which obviously I am totally for, I was really proud that we could make beautiful, fun investment graphs that could maybe get more people interested in the subject and make that information accessible to lots of people.

Similarly, when we put out the Northern Voices finale video from the programme and some people cried watching it, I was really happy that I’d managed to make that personal connection with people.

If there’s one thing you’d like people to do after reading this interview, what would it be?

I mean, there’s are several things you could do if you really wanted to make me happy….

Obviously, check out (and subscribe to!) our YouTube channel, or explore the video library on the Tech North site – they’re both organised slightly differently so the information might be more useful to you in format or the other. My favourite series we’ve done so far are the 7 questions with company founders, and Northern Tech 100 series. Both are really informative.

If you’re a company founder, then I’d suggest joining Founders’ Network because we have lots of really exciting video and interactive content available through that programme.

Or, if you a social media junkie you could have a look at our twitter! We share lots of articles from various sources, and short social videos about what we’ve got going on. (Or you can follow me on Twitter @nadinadotjpg if you like to talk about video!)

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