Tech Nation focus: How Sheffield’s tech scene shapes up in 2017

28 Mar, 2017

The brand new Tech Nation Report 2017 details the growth of the tech and digital sector across the UK. In a series of articles, we’ll be highlighting what it says about individual cities across the North.

Today, let’s focus on Sheffield.

Sheffield is known as a steel city but a new generation is forging a tech-focused future. The Tech Nation report says there are 18,961 digital jobs and the average advertised digital salary is £46,278.

The report highlights two of the city’s startups. Sumo Digital, the well-regarded games developer whose new title Snake Pass is released today, and Pimoroni, which serves the world’s growing community of makers. Other tech companies in the city include Future Fifty firm The Floow, and 2016 Northern Stars finalists Lumici, Textocracy and Tutorful.

Key numbers:

  • Number of digital jobs: 18,961
  • Digital GVA: £339 million
  • High growth firms: 11%
  • Startup births: 173
  • Average advertised digital salary: £46,278
  • Tech sector growth potential: 70%

What local startups like about Sheffield

  • 82% like the overall quality of life
  • 74% like the cost of living
  • 70% like the local sector’s growth potential

What local startups say is a challenge

  • 51% are concerned about a lack of supply of high-skilled workers
  • 44% cite poor transport infrastructure
  • 35% say there’s a low awareness of the local digital industry

Read the full Tech Nation Report study of Sheffield. You can find the methodology here.

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