Northern Digital Skills Index

The Northern Digital Skills Index is a benchmark of alternative digital skills training across the region.

As part of Tech North’s Upskill accelerator for digital skills providers in the North, we worked with the cohort to benchmark their provision. We don’t believe this kind of measurement has ever been done before, but we think it will make decisions around training easier for both learners and hiring companies, as well as helping policymakers direct funding.

The ‘SFIA level‘ has been determined by The Tech Partnership using the globally recognised measure for digital skills, created by the SFIA Foundation.

The ‘Ofqual Equivalent level‘ has been determined by The Tech Partnership by assessing the level of training delivered by each provider. Level 3, for example, can be seen as equivalent to an A Level.

A high number on either measure does not indicate better provision, just that the training is being aimed at a different skill level.

ProviderCourseSFIA LevelOfqual Equivalent LevelStudent destination
IT MASTERCLASSESCloud Platform Specialist33N/A (new course)
IT MASTERCLASSESCommunications Specialist33N/A (new course)
AGENT ACADEMYDigital and Creative Career Programme3390% progression into digital and creative jobs
AGENT ACADEMYDigital Marketer Apprenticeship33N/A (new course)
THE JUICE ACADEMYDigital Marketer Apprenticeship3396% moved into digital roles
THE WHITE ROOMDigital Marketer Apprenticeship33100% of last year’s graduates are were either retained by their employers or found work immediately in the sector. 50% went into Level 4 Apprenticeships
NORTHCODERSNorthcoders Accelerate Coding Bootcamp3493% moved into full-time software development jobs
DMF DIGITALUpskill for digital musicians64Self-employed
THE WHITE ROOMWeb Design and Development Apprenticeship (the Software Developer Apprenticeship Standard)44100% of students remain in the industry either working with their current employer or a similar company
CODER SPACEWeb Developer / Coding Bootcamp2475% in work; 25% further study
Web Development Apprenticeship (the Software Developer Apprenticeship Standard)44100% in work
HIVE LEARNING NETWORK MANCHESTERYouth Hacks12N/A (mainly for school age people)