Northern Voices is a six-month speaker training programme which Tech North hopes will help start to address challenges like the gender or regional imbalances at conferences and in media appearances, in turn making digital jobs a more attractive career for all.

Here are the 28 fabulous women selected for the first cohort – their specialisms are as diverse as they are, covering innovation in healthcare, gender diversity in bankingusing tech to end food waste and the explosion in augmented reality.

Email Kirsty to book one of them today or find them tweeting here.

Tech North is currently working with the University of the Arts London to turn the Northern Voices programme into an industry-leading piece of research into interventions that aim to promote diversity.

Northern Voices training

Why are we doing this? Kirsty Styles, the programme lead for all our Talent and Skills programmes tells us all about the Northern Voices programme.

6 months later we checked in with the Northern Voices to discuss their experiences of the programme. What were their proudest moments?

Meet our Northern Voices

Amy Evans

Areas of expertise: open data, data visualisation and storytelling, data journalism.

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Anna Smith

Areas of expertise: coding and software design, digital bootcamps, diversity in tech.

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Annie O’Toole

Areas of expertise: growing tech startups, emerging tech, edtech and STEM.

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Becky Boyd

Areas of expertise: social media, digital training, starting up, well-being in business.

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Cari Kirby

Areas of expertise: digital marketing, parent-friendly working, the gaming industry.

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Chelsea Slater

Areas of expertise: starting a social enterprise, women in tech, skills bootcamps.

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Claudia Wootten

Areas of expertise: digital transformation, software implementation, government IT.

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Diane Reddell

Areas of expertise: software development, working in tech with a disability, FE.

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Grace Blakeley

Areas of expertise: the North’s economy, digital skills, Brexit, public service reform.

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Heather Corcoran

Areas of expertise: digital arts, crowdfunding your next product, hardware startups.

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Helen Baker

Areas of expertise: QA, UX, building teams, being an LGBTQIA+ woman in tech.

Read Helen’s bio >

Jane Tyler

Areas of expertise: data analysis, food waste, retail technology, being a technical founder.

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Kat Palmer

Areas of expertise: digital publishing, innovation, new design processes, including design sprints.

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Laura Partridge

Areas of expertise: startups, academic innovation, Northern Powerhouse.

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Laura Rietdyk-Johnson

Areas of expertise: PR, social, digital marketing, skills bootcamps.

Read Laura’s bio >

Llara Geddes

Areas of expertise: STEM, UX design, digital marketing, social media marketing.

Read Llara’s bio >

Lyndsey Yates

Areas of expertise: graphic design, business models for digital, parenting with a career.

Read Lyndsey’s bio >

Maya Dibley

Areas of expertise: IP, academic research, clusters, digital change in charities.

Read Maya’s bio >

Nikola Mcnicol-Kenney

Areas of expertise: digital connectivity, business growth, leadership.

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Nina Swanwick

Areas of expertise: Fintech, banking, leading diversity programmes, building teams.

Read Nina’s bio >

Pip Ryan

Areas of expertise: graduate and corporate technical training, information systems.

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Rachel Peacock

Areas of expertise: STEM, business growth in the North East, SMEs and startups.

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Samantha Deakin

Areas of expertise: startup culture and entrepreneurship, venture capital and funding.

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Sarah Thew

Areas of expertise: NHS, genetics, genomics, user-centred design, informatics.

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Tanja Lichtensteiger

Areas of expertise: Brexit, ethnic diversity, software development, data use in business.

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Tegan Jones

Areas of expertise: digital for the third sector, internet safety, surviving domestic abuse.

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Tejay White

Areas of expertise: product strategy, innovation, UX, edtech, women in tech.

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Vimla Appadoo

Areas of expertise: purpose-driven work, Manchester’s tech scene, startup communities.

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What was involved?

As part of the programme, Sandy Lindsay MBE of Tangerine PR and former BBC business broadcaster Penny Haslam, an award winning keynote speaker, media trainer and visibility coach, will deliver free media and public speaker training for 20 women with limited public exposure from across the North.

We will then spend six months booking them for on-stage appearances and in the media talking about anything from their expertise to their experiences getting a job in the industry.