Helping solve the tech industry’s biggest problem.

Are you a digital skills provider?

UpSkill from Tech North brings together Northern digital skills providers to scale their training delivery to help make an even bigger impact.

The programme will connect participants with experts on government funding streams and qualifications, some of the UK’s largest employers of digital talent, and the nation’s most successful providers of digital skills training.

The bootcamp will be held over three days in June and July at The Landing in MediaCityUK, building to a pitch event in front of media, corporate executives and public sector stakeholders.

UpSkill - Accelerating Northern skills providers

Who can apply?

Explore new and hard-to-reach revenue streams

Scale training delivery using tested business models

Align skills provision closely with industry need

Why are we doing this?

To address the well-documented digital skills gap, we’re helping training providers in the North serve more people.

The goal is to reach a point where companies across all sectors in the North no longer struggle to find the digital skills they need. That way they can focus on what’s important – growing their business.

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